Whether you need a certified, notarized, or official translation of medical certificate, birth certificate, or legal contracts, Kings of Translation has your back. Its fully operational London office performs translations day and night. The translation service provides its clients with perfect translations for business and clients at a very affordable rate.

Types of Translations

Official Translation

Kings of Translation offers official translation in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom by providing digital services. The internal virtual and human infrastructure is capable of providing excellent services in any field requested. The translations are performed by native speaker translators who are also excelling in academics through linguistic sciences. The translation is delivered on deadline with a very accommodating translation rate compared to its competitors.

Certified Translation

Kings of Translation also offers certified translation. The process is slightly different from performing an official translation. The United Kingdom Immigration office only accepts notarized or certified translation. Our team works closely with highly intelligent translators to cement your relocation to the UK based on acceptable translations.

Furthermore, Kings of Translation also provides certification with the translation signed and named by the translator. It adds to the authenticity of the translation and makes the bureaucratic process streamlined for the applicant.

Document translation

Kings of Translation is aware that English is not the only language. For products and services to appear in international markets, documents need to be translated into local languages. Kings of Translation takes the lead with versatility with translation services in London based on more than 100 languages.  The business ensures translation hits targeted customers with precise and clear information. Kings of Translation is the one to hire if you are considering expanding your business internationally.

Eliminating Lingual challenges

Translation services in London are on the rise and the most demanded services for a few reasons. It allows businesses to reach global customers and transform their business as required. Furthermore, international clients bring in more business as it saves time with quick translations. They consult with translators and hire them. Digital assistance and internet use have severely minimized long and tiring business processes. Clients speak a different language, and face difficulties communicating their concerns or contractual inquires when meeting with London or UK clients. Translation services collect and understand information that is helpful to their businesses and clients.

Linguistic Company in London

A translation service is essential for growing businesses. You would require them to construct contracts, translate client messages, and so much more. It is a challenging scenario but can be overcome by hiring the best translation services available. Translation services based in London work with the medium, small, and large scale businesses as inclusivity in the market is becoming more accepting.

Kings of Translation offers translation services based on discipline and expert levels of professionalism. They translate finance documents, accounting, law contracts, and so much more to ease communication to their clients. Any mistakes or disputes related to the translation are solved under review until the client is completely satisfied.

Following are some of the ways Kings of Translation is soaring in translation services:

  • The translation is performed with dedication and efficient use of resources available
  • Translators are lingual and academic experts, which introduces native level comfortability with technical skills.
  • The translations are always delivered on time
  • The translation rates are affordable by offering long-term or bulk discounts for repetitive business.
  • Use of software and IT infrastructures such as communication portals and glossaries related to specific sectors of translation
  • Specialization in an endless number of languages

About Us

Kings of Translation is very enthusiastic and welcoming for new clients. The young team of translators works closely with the client to perform efficient services. Visit their office to meet with translators for a blossoming professional relationship.